100% black problem in PDF exported from InDesign?

Currently I am facing a HUGE crisis about this 100% black not being right for printing and coming out as 4 colours, in my InDesign document. My swatch for the black text is set at c=0 m=0 y=0 and k=100, which seems not to work for 100% BLACK with my printers. Please can anybody guide me to what I should do to acheive 100% black for this?

The only thing I want is that AFTER I export the pdf, the text boxes which have BLACK TEXT are GOOD for printing and have 100% black, not a 4 colour rich black.


Ensure your Preferences > Appearance of Black is set to Output all Blacks Accurately for the Printing/export setting.

appearance of black

By default this setting is set to use Rich Black for all output blacks. Which, in my opinion, is a poor default setting.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sefora Mifsud , Answer Author : Scott

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