1px Transparent Border around image after resize in photoshop

I’m not sure what setting or anything has caused this, but when I resize an image in Image > Image Size, the resized image gets semi-transparent 1px border! There seem no obvious settings to cause something like this.

It does’nt seem to do it 100% of the time, I notice it more when I’m cutting up a design and paste images into new documents. Here I have recreated it with a simple 2-layer image:

enter image description here


This is an artifact of the resampling method.

If you take a 500px square image of red (no other layers and where the red layer is NOT locked as background layer) reduce it to 100px, the transparency is there when using bicubic resampling, but does not happen when using nearest neighbor.

I tried this with noise-filled layers and it still occurs, but is a lot less noticeable.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dunhamzzz , Answer Author : horatio

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