3D effect on text – How to do it?

I have a text (see picture below) on a page that has been tilted some 45 degrees and then expanded down in a cylindrical fashion to form a 3D effect. I would like to ask you for help to identify how this 3D effect on the text was made. Please suggest a method to recreate it.

enter image description here


Use a real 3D program.

Your best option is probably Blender. It is great, and I mean great 3D program, for modeling and rendering (besides a tonne of other things); and that is what you need.

This image was done in 5 minutes.

enter image description here

You probably need to look for some tutorials to move around.


But the basic stuff is

  • Add text
  • Extrude and bevel
  • Add a material
  • Add a camera
  • Add a light
  • Render

Source : Link , Question Author : Paulo Ney , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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