5mm bleed with no guide/crop/reg marks.?

The clients printer asks for “5mm bleed with no guide/crop/reg marks” I am slightly confused by this? what does it mean? Does it mean I just have have photoshop guides? or does it mean I have no guides at all and keep that space empty?


I think you should ask the printer.. but it would appear that your document is to have a 5mm bleed with no guides, crop marks, or registration marks on output.

I would really advise instead of using Photoshop you use InDesign for a print document.

InDesign -> New Document or shortcut cmd+N

Enter print measurement in width and height:

enter image description here

Expand Bleed and Slug:

enter image description here

Enter in Bleed measurements:

enter image description here

Document setup example of corner:

enter image description here

I recommend InDesign because the last I recall to setup a bleed in Photoshop was a daunting manual process, but in reality Photoshop used for print is typically frowned upon. I would ask your client to give you the contact number for the printer to converse and I really wouldnt play the middle man game with designer to client to printer.

If you do a Google search there are several tutorials on this topic.

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