A common reset for IE, Gecko and Webkit browsers

I am developing a website that emphasizes a lot on CSS. I wish to pre-inform everyone that I am not a professional with the task. The problem I face designing the UI is that Gecko and Webkit browsers tend to respond to a CSS in the same manner, whereas, IE’s response is ridiculous. Is there any reset that can aid me in resetting IE, such that it starts behaving similar to Gecko and Webkit?


Well, in theory it shouldn’t be necessary since everything is supposed to be standards-based.

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This site:


Give some pretty good browser-specific hacks; essentially what you’re doing is loading different CSS sheets based on the browser. Unfortunately that means you have to write a CSS sheet for each browser and test on each browser every time you make a change.

Another approach might be to look and see if there are specific sections that are giving you problems. Maybe start simple and add features to the CSS sheet until it breaks? (or comment out sections and move the comment tags as you go) Remember that you can grab styles from multiple stylesheets, so you could have “ThisIsTheMainStyleSheet.css” as well as “StupidAdditionalCSSForInternetExploder.css” and “StupidAdditionalCSSForOtherBrowser.css”.

You might want to find shorter names than what I used.

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