A gap between lines of joined path in illustrator [duplicate]

I have created a logo with pen tool in Illustrator but between lines (where they intersect with each other) there is a gap where it gets the color of the background.

Something like this:

(Black color is the background color) – As you can see where the paths join each other there is a kinda dotted black line. I Grouped them but still the same. I converted to jpeg just to be sure it is not only shown like that but same effect.

NOTE: I want to export that logo as SVG file type and use it in the WEB. I tried some solutions given like anti-aliasing in preferences or art optimize when saving for optimization. But still I have same problem. I want to get that logo in SVG and put it on the web where it will display clean without those strange gaps.

How can i get rid of this?

enter image description here


Illustrator’s anti-aliasing can be troublesome at times.

In situations like this I’ve found it best to simply add a new object behind things that is the same, solid, color of the object above.

In your case, I’d add a new “teal” colored shape behind all the existing “teal” colored shapes. This will cause Illustrator to anti-alias to a “teal”, rather than the background black.

Another solution is to group the “teal” objects, and add a new solid “teal” fill to the group, behind the contents, via the Appearance Panel. I don’t know how using the Appearance Panel method may effect your SVG output though.

Source : Link , Question Author : hrskrs , Answer Author : Scott

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