A good monospace, condensed and open-source typeface?

I’m looking for an optimal typeface for report tables that will contain many columns (the reason for condensed).

The reason for monospace is that these reports will contain a lot of numbers and we would like them to be aligned across all the rows.

The reason i need it to be open-source is that we will show these reports inside a web application, so it would be embedded as a web font (@font-face).

I saw Anka Coder but I don’t like its 0.


I finally settled for Open Sans Condensed Light, which has monospaced numbers, so it’s good enough for my use case. Thanks everyone for your input!


The most condensed monospace, open-source font I’ve found is via fontsquirrel and is called M+ 1m.

M+ 1m font

Source : Link , Question Author : Julien , Answer Author : Adam Schuld

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