A good set of color in for an alert message on dark background

The goal

Choose a good color combo for my alert message for a dark background.

The scenario

This is what I have now:

Error message

  • Borders/font color: #e84e4f
  • Alert background-color: #9c2b2e
  • Body background color: #d2cece

The problem

I don’t know… I just think that colors aren’t good enough for the scenario. Of course, it depends of my context, but I think the reds are too heavy, painful and shocking for humans’ eyes – don’t you think the same?

I need some other harmonious color to indicate validation errors that fits well the background.



I think all you need to do is change your text color to White:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Guilherme Oderdenge , Answer Author : Code Maverick

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