A plugin for software reviews site like this one?

I want to create a software reviews site based on categories.
I really like what Gizmo did (see link below)


there is an Intro text followed by top 3 softwares (more or less) with pros/ cons/ rating fields.

I tried many plugins but all of them I should pre define all my fields , In other words , If I want to put 2 programs with predefined fields , I should have only created fields for only these 2 apps but what If I want to create 3 or more apps ??

what I want exactly is a plugin which I can create with it a group of fields , when I press a (+plus) button or something In my Editor , it shows the fields , and when I press it again , it shows the same type of fields again (duplication). I hope Any one could understand me because I’m not that good in English.


Finally I found what I was looking for 🙂

Magic fields !

Although I tried it before and I did know it can duplicate single fields , but I just realized it can create groups which can be dublicated just as I want 🙂

this plug in is even more than I wanted, Thanks every one.


Its the second time i find myself recommending this plugin today, ProjectManager
is a plugin that will answer most of your requirements.

here is a screencast of how to use it

Source : Link , Question Author : Bialy , Answer Author : Bainternet

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