A strategy ITC Baskerville font for vector

With Adobe Illustrator to create my several pictures I’m using the fonts ITC New Baskerville Std or ITC New Baskerville with options roman and italic.

I ask you if exists the option bold.

enter image description here

Does anyone know if exist the same type of font that generates or the vector symbol (as in the figure) or the horizontal dash above the character (green rectangle)? Or an alternative automatic procedure to generate the arrow or without arrow?

The rectangles in red and green with the font inside and the horizontal dash were created by himself. The picture is into a common american Physics books. Thanks to everyone.


If you build each character “manually” you always can create a Symbol at the Symbol Window and drag and drop to the page every time you need to place it. The symbols are editable, if you change something all the symbols on the file will be replaced.


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