Acrobat Pro: how to add multiple custom stamps at once

Is there a way to add many custom stamps at once? Adding within the program only allows one stamp to be added at a time (I have 71 to add). I tried adding the image files to the stamps folder within the Adobe program folders, but they do not show up in the program when I do so.

I have also tried creating a new category and adding a single stamp from within the program (which creates a PDF file in the program folders). I then added all of my image files to the program-created PDF, but the added stamps do not show up in the program.

Really hoping for a simple solution.


AFAIK, you have to add each stamp via the Acrobat’s UI because each stamp is assigned a unique identifying number (AP), so you can’t add them yourself.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kayla S , Answer Author : Gilad D. try67

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