Activating path selection automatically in PS

Is there some way to make Photoshop to activate the selection automatically when the path is closed?
In GIMP I would make a closed path, hit enter and the selection would immediately be activated with “marching ants”.
It’s not the case in PS – I tried hitting enter and tried to select “Make selection” option after right clicking on the path – still, the path remains inactive.
Surely it must be something wrong with my PS settings somewhere because I find it hard to believe that PS devs would make such a trivial task so unintuitive.

EDIT: OK, after some additional random clicking I found that I can make the selection active ONLY by clicking “Make: Selection…” in the upper left corner. Is it the only way PS allows to activate selection? LOL

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Not sure if I understood your problem entirely, but there’s a shortcut I found on Adobe community.

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You can press Ctrl + Enter in Windows. It will make selection. But you won’t get option to enter amount of feather. You can use Select > Modify options though.

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You can edit shortcut in Keyboard shortcuts.

Source : Link , Question Author : kamokoba , Answer Author : Vikas

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