Ad layout for programs – Illustrator or InDesign

today I’m looking for some advice from folks who have laid out event programs.

In this case, the client (a local nonprofit) has a famous keynote speaker at their event, and have solicited donations from local businesses. Each donation over a certain level = a full page ad in the program for the event. Most of them are “Congratulations to on your anniversary”, etc. with a company logo sitting somewhere (the businesses that send in their own camera-ready artwork will just have them dropped into place).

I’m going to be laying each ad out in a template so they look consistent; my question to the GD crowd is, “Should I lay the template out in Illustrator and bring each ad individually in to InDesign or should I create a template page for an ad in InDesign and lay each ad out in InDesign?”

Based on your experience, what are the pros and cons of each approach? Obviously it would be easier to lay each ad out in Illustrator (that’s what it’s there for) but I lose a certain amount of flexibility once I hit InDesign (the program will ultimately be laid out in InDesign).


I’ve done a bunch of those, and I would do them in InDesign. You can probably get the ads made in Illustrator and the end result will look the same, but the tools in ID are the ones meant for those tasks. The “template” function will probably be easier as well (new master page vs. creating a new document).

And if the rest of the document is going to be in InDesign, why add a layer of complexity every time you need to make a change?

If this were a one-off one-sheet, I’d say you could go with either. Multiple pages, multiple layouts, potential for reoccurring job — go with InDesign.

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