Add class to layer in Photoshop

How can I simply add a class to a layer in Photoshop CS5? That class should hold properties like “fill color”, “size”, etc.

I’m very new to scripting Photoshop so please bear with me =)



You don’t. The classes that are provided by the applications you are working with aren’t extensible. But, what you can do to get around this is to create a record making use of Applescript’s dynamic typing.

set myLayerInformation to {layer:psLayerObj, fill color:fillColorObj, width:mWidth, height:mHeight}
set targetLayer to layer of myLayerInformation
-->RESULT: psLayerObj

The records, in turn, could be held in a list that you can maintain along side the layers. It isn’t elegant, but it should get the job done.

Source : Link , Question Author : Erik Lydecker , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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