Adding custom arrow head styles in Inkscape?

Is there any way to get more arrow head (marker) styles in Inkscape? I find the styles supplied with the software inadequate. Or can I use some other tricks to implement the arrow head function? For example I want an arrowhead to be like 2 tiny lines from the tip.


To create custom ‘arrow heads’ (markers) on a per-document level, use the ‘custom markers’ functionality:

You could then:

  • save these in a default template, so they will be available to you in every new document (you can delete the actual objects, as long as you don’t do ‘Clean up document’)
  • save them in a separate document that you can copy them from when you need them
  • save them as a ‘markers.svg’ file (note that this requires some manual editing of the SVG code): – that way, they will always be available (until you update Inkscape, then the file is overwritten – make a backup!)

Source : Link , Question Author : Yan King Yin , Answer Author : Moini

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