Adding images or videos to iPhone Simulator

I am trying to use UIImagePickerController with UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypePhotoLibrary, but it says, “No photos”. Where does the simulator get the images from? Where should I copy the images so that they are displayed in the simulator?


Explain step by step of Airsource Ltd’s answer for adding image to simulator:

  1. Drag it to simulator, then Safari opens
    (or browse to the Image in the internet using Safari)
  2. Hold your click on the image
  3. When the pop-up appears, choose Save Image and enjoy 😉

Update: for iOS Simulator 4.2, do these steps twice to get it work. Thanks kevboh!

Update: This also works for iOS Simulator 6.1

Source : Link , Question Author : Vijayeta , Answer Author : Community

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