Adding watermark to document

How do I add a watermark to one A4 page of text?
You know, the standard image-as-a-watermark.
I tried doing it in MS Word, the text ended up forming a blanket over the image. Photoshop CS5 was not a success for me either.

I eventually had to resort to printing the image first and then the text, but how can I avoid having to do this in future?


If you’re doing the whole thing in Word, try putting it in the header/footer. That should place it behind all of your text.

Alternatively, if you click the image and go to “Format” in the ribbon (I’m using Office 2010), click “Wrap Text” and then “Behind Text”. That should do the trick regardless of where you insert the image.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ritika Upadhyay , Answer Author : Brendan

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