Adobe Automation: Dynamic Text in Template

I’m developing a template for my team’s daily production needs, and every product must have certain consistent marginalia on it, such as date, product ID, title, subtitle, etc. Currently, this information is manually entered into an InDesign or Illustrator template, and the template is different depending on the product type. Ideally, I’d like to have a series of prompts guide the user (not Adobe proficient) through selecting/entering their marginalia and display the appropriate template with all the text populated and ready for the content.

I have no idea what functionality to leverage to do this or if this is even possible. We’re using CS6. Can someone point me in the right direction?


When you say “not Adobe proficient” that implies that you need to hold their hand through the whole process. With that in mind, you’ll need someone to build a javascript front end to get the right template up and populated.

First things first, this will be complicated if they can’t at least determine the Illustrator or InDesign path up front. It could simply be a matter of choosing script A or script B. They just need to know which one to pick.

After that, you can present a series of select boxes and text fields to query the user for each important point. Open with a prompt to determine the template via radio buttons or a select box. That would trigger a form based on the response.

The form would take the text values for your marginalia. A combination of text fields and/or select boxes would gather the data and store each in a variable. Each variable would then be inserted into the correct position in the template.

This is no small task, but you can avoid a lot of operator error and potentially save production time.

It would be a lot easier to just hire people who know how to use the software 😉

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