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The programs that I am mainly interested in is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (create vector art), Adobe Flash (for animation), Adobe Premiere Pro (edit video), Adobe After Effects (VFX/motion graphics), Adobe Dreamweaver (code HTML/CSS). But can boil down to a video editing software, graphics software and photo editing software.

I understand alternatives such as Inkscape is like Illustrator, Blender is a good substitute for Adobe Flash. Notepad++ for Dreamweaver but if you haven’t noticed, these programs are from different companies. What I do appreciate about Adobe is under the master collection, I get all these programs, but I don’t appreciate the price (because I can’t afford) or the subscription model (I like to buy once and forget) they now have.

I have searched online and can’t find something that packs in programs such as Adobe, even if it’s just a photo editing software and vector software.

I found Corel Draw, but I’m so confused if they provide a master collection (collection of their software for a price) that will satisfy my needs.

Is there an alternative to Adobe Creative Suite for designers/enthusiast?


Here is a list of

They have free, open-source, and commercial for linux windows Mac BSD iphone the site has alternatives for many commercial softwares that will cost you nothing more that an afternoon of learning their product.

Most do not provide collections, but they usually emulate adobe collection by using the same file formats. Leaving the learning curve of a new software as your only obstacle… Most likely you will have individual different company providers for each software package but they will work the as an alternative to your master suite experience.

After Effects
Premiere Pro

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