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I am looking for a good alternative of adobe fireworks for windows. I want Raster+Vector editing tools. Which server the logo design, screenshot modifications and optimizing images for print and web. Thanks for giving me your precious time.


"I want Raster+Vector"

The primary alternative would be to use a raster illustration program and a vector illustration program. Common in the industry would be Photoshop + Illustrator. For open source, maybe The Gimp + Inkscape.

Alas, Fireworks doesn’t really have any direct competition. It is/was a tool designed specifically for on-screen graphics with an equal set of raster and vector tools that, IMHO, were built much more intuitively than the bolted-on vector tools in PhotoShop. I’ve always preferred Fireworks for web work (though, sadly, most firms have never even tried it and stuck with PhotoShop).

Some products that may offer a similar feature would include Microsoft’s line of Expression products or perhaps one of Corel’s offerings.

However, I have heard of very few design firms using either of those products (not that that makes them a poor option, just that they aren’t terribly popular).

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