Adobe Illustrator: A transparent background for an character of a file pdf

First question: I’m starting to use Adobe Illustrator recently. I would like to know what are the commands to convert the white background of a pdf into one that is transparent background.

Second question: I use, now, Adobe Illustrator CC, relase 2015, tryout. Thanks an help of an user and various comments I have to find the “trasparent grid”, of my file .pdf, in the position of the figure shown here:

enter image description here

Here there is the path of the “trasparent grid”:

Visualizza>Mostra griglia di trasparenza

instead of

View>show>trasparent grid

Probabily the user has a different version of mine. Now I have another problem. How I do to remove the withe background and to have only the black character “P”?

enter image description here

I do not like the white background and I would remove it. Could someone explain to me step by step what I must do to make the background transparent and just leave the character?


Illustrator uses a transparent background by default.
If you open an illustrator document or a illustrator-made PDF in Photoshop, you’ll see that the background is transparent.
Illustrator simulates the white background.
If you want to work without it, choose View > Show Transparency Grid.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sebastiano , Answer Author : Vinny

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