Adobe Illustrator: Creating a three-dimensional cone-like shape/mushroom cap

I am trying to create a geometric shape resembling something close to a mushroom cap. Take these images as a reference:

Reference 1
Reference 2
enter image description here

(Images Sources: (1) Canstockphoto (2) Distractednaturalist (3) Pinterest)

I would like to create the shape as a seemingly three-dimensional object, looked at from underneath.

What I have attempted so far in order to get the shape I want is the following:

  1. Created two ellipses with a thick stroke (40 pt), a larger one in front, a smaller one behind and above it.

  2. Expanded their appearance.

  3. Gave both shapes a black-to-white gradient stroke as well as a white fill color.

  4. Created a blend out of both these shapes, with enough steps in between them to create a continuous shape.

Now, the shape this results in is quite close to what I’d like to achieve; it is already a three-dimensional cone, looked at from underneath. For it to be more like a mushroom cap however, I need the shape to be more rounded towards the top (the sides and top are too “cut off”). How might I be able to do that?

I’d like to adjust my method to get the shape I want, but I’d also appreciate any suggestions for other ways of going about creating something similar. I’m currently working this way due to me having a very, very limited knowledge of 3D-modelling software (I am sure this might be accomplished much more easily using software such as Cinema-4D or Blender). See the GIF below to get at look at the process I’ve gone trough so far.

gif of process

Reviewing the shape I am currently able to create:

Current Result



Another approach could be to use Effect → 3D → Revolve. Here’s an example:

revolve example

Here are the revolve settings for the top-most shroom from above:

revolve example settings

If it is of any help, I uploaded the source AI file, for the above art, to a file sharing service called

Lastly, if you just want the cap, create your profile accordingly:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : JoSch , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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