Adobe Illustrator CS5.5 resizing bug?

I’ve drawn a simple logo with some curve, and when I resize it it losts all it’s curves, why? I’ve tried with the mouse and with the numeric value with the same result from 7cm to 0.5cm, here is the example:

Original 7 cm

enter image description here

Resized 0.5 cm

enter image description here

Align to pixel, align to grid and align to point are all disabled, what could it be?

The problem seems to be in U and F of the logo, I’ve used outline mode to see if there were some unclosed shape, but it seems to be ok.

enter image description here

This is the resized version, from 7.5cm to 0.25cm

enter image description here

As you can see, the more I resize the logo, the more the shape lost it’s original form.
Never happened to me!
Could it be some issue of Illustrator CS5.5?


Obviously, It wasn’t a bug, It’s an option in the transform panel called Align to Pixel Grid.
Sorry Illustrator!

enter image description here

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