Adobe Illustrator – Export image with layer effect (multiply) to PNG

Is it possible to save an image with layered effects (overlay) in PNG and maintain the same appearance that is seen in Illustrator?


I’ve tried different ways to export. Is there any other way to get the same colors seen in AI? (Without PDF).

I appreciate any help!


If the part of the stone that you exported is sticking out against a transparent background, it may be just assuming the blend-moded shape’s background is white. To have the stone be uniform color, you have to put in a shape of the desired background color behind the stone’s shape so that the blending mode blends properly. So if you have a picture and export different layers and seeing unexpected results with blended shapes, you may want to create encompassing united shapes consisting of your current layer group art.

Source : Link , Question Author : Igor , Answer Author : Silly-V

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