Adobe Illustrator: put a radial gradient over solid background

I am trying to create 3d ball in Illustrator. I have the following strategy:

  • create a solid colour background;
  • create a “diffuse” shape;
  • create a “reflection” shape;
  • mix them together.

Final result should look like this:
enter image description here

The problem is that radial gradient has a “background” color. To mix it with background figure properly I use “multiply mode”, but then it mixes active colour as well.

Another solution might be to create a radiant gradient from transparency to active colour, but how?

How do I create such a illustration, consisting of two shapes in AI:

enter image description here


Shape 1

  • A circumference with a radial gradient fill

enter image description here

Shape 2

  • Fill 100% white, Hard Light Mode, 40% and a Feather effect


Shape 3

  • A circumference with a linear gradient stroke, 90º, from black 100% to
    black 0%, and a Feather effect.
  • Mode Multiply, 60%

enter image description here



Source : Link , Question Author : Denis Kulagin , Answer Author : Community

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