Adobe Illustrator: strange behavior while aligning objects

I am creating icons with Adobe Illustrator during which process I use the Align tool quite frequently. All of a sudden, the align tool started behaving quite strangely.

When I select two objects and specify that I want to align to a key object, when I press align it seems to only align halfway to where it should be. When I press align again it aligns halfway again – after I press it several more times, it finally gets to where it needs to be.

Also, when I try to align to artboard, it pushes the object out to a seemingly random place.

Here is a video showing exactly what I mean:

What setting did I accidentally set to make align behave like this?


This is a glitch.

Saving before using align, then opening the file, does seem to fix it.

My hunch is it has something to do with a partially deleted object and a clipping mask because if one of those elements are missing then this doesn’t happen.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : William , Answer Author : LateralTerminal

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