Adobe Indesign automatic deletion of overflow text

Indesign CS5.5 (v7.5.2)

Is there an automated method to simply remove all overset text in a text frame?

I don’t want it hidden by a smaller frame. I want it gone.

I spend so much time simply removing pages of overset text it would be helpful if there was a command such as “Remove overset text” or “Truncate text from here”.



The shortest way to handle this without a custom script is to go to the end of the last “real” text frame, then use Ctrl / Cmd+Shift+End, which selects all text past the cursor, followed by Delete / Backspace. If you have Smart Reflow turned on, this will automatically delete any extra pages and their frames, if you have them.

Given your description of the workflow, you might find vjoon’s Overset Manager or DTP Tools’ TextCount useful additions to the workflow. Both companies and he amazing Rorohiko have numerous InDesign Scripts that are very useful enhancements for handling long text.

Source : Link , Question Author : Scott , Answer Author : Vincent

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