Adobe Indesign CS6 – Make Text Frame fit text contents automatically

Is it possible to have a text frame auto-expand to fit the text in Indesign CS6?

So when I continue to add text the frame containing it automatically grows in size and doesn’t cut the text and show the overflow indicator.


For CS5….

You can use the shortcut for Object > Fitting > Fit Frame to Contents Of course you must then type, hit the shortcut, type, hit the shortcut, etc.

You can pay for the plug in Autoflow

Or you can try the free AutoFit plug in from This is not CS6 ready however. So you’ll have to wait for a CS6 version.

However, in Indesign CS6 select the text frame and choose Object > Text Frame Options. Then click the Auto-Size tab and adjust the settings.

Text Frame Options

Source : Link , Question Author : KSPR , Answer Author : Scott

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