Adobe InDesign: Simple “animation” in interactive PDF

I would like to use InDesign to create a very simple interactive PDF in which a sound file is playing while a couple of elements appear over time. Is something like that possible within an interactive PDF?

So far I have only been able to place fully animated sequences in the form of a .mp4 or .flv file inside InDesign and export it as an interactive PDF. But the animation I need is incredibly simple (objects merely have to appear after time) and I would like to try solving this inside InDesign rather than creating an animation with After Effects and placing it into the PDF as a video. Plus this usually leads to the quality of the video of the animation being very, very poor when I export the PDF and open it.


Animation tools were added into InDesign a while back, so hopefully they are available in whichever version you are using.

Go to the Window\Interactive\Animation. From this animation menu, you are able to add many simple animation options, including the type of animation you are hoping to create.

Make sure when you export your InDesign document to PDF, that you use the Interactive PDF export option, otherwise your PDF will not have the animations included within it.

Source : Link , Question Author : JoSch , Answer Author : magerber

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