Adobe PDF file too big to upload. What are my options?

I have 4 Illustrator (Adobe pdf) files I need to upload to a freelance website for a job I did. I saved each one as a PDF file but they are 184 MB each. The site only accepts files under 100 MB. Each file is 36 in X 24 in and 300 ppi. That’s the size they need it printed at for a poster. Each consists of 1 large image for the background, a woman cut out in photoshop, and some text in “thought bubbles.” What are my options to be able to upload them? I searched on here for duplicate questions but didn’t see the same issue. Originally I had them done in Photoshop at 600dpi but cut in half at 18×12 in. but they were still around 126 MB. Someone here mentioned it would be better in AI. Thanks for your help.


If it were my project, I would probably lay out the posters in InDesign, placing the Illustrator and Photoshop objects. When exporting as a PDF, I would downsample the resolution of all objects to around 200 ppi. The reason is explained in Rafael’s post, but to summarize: a poster of this size is unlikely to benefit from that bump in resolution given the typical viewing distance (this is untrue in special applications, however, so use your judgment).

As for sending the file, if the above doesn’t help you get a more reasonable file size, I’ve shared files using Dropbox or Google Drive with no issues, and on one occasion, a client used WeTransfer to send large image files to me.

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