Adobe software undo selection

Can Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop record selection history for undo?

Selecting multiple things with “shift” key sometimes lost all selection when “shift” key failed by mistake. So I need to work from start again.


I do not understand what you are referring to.

In Photoshop Undo does indeed change the last selection. If you mistakenly deselect things, undo will reselect them. Basically, all Photoshop’s undo does is take 1 step back in History. If that step backwards involves a selection.. it’s undone/redone.

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In Illustrator after creating a selection you can use the menu item Select > Save Selection and then recall that selection layer via Select > Load Selection. Because Illustrator is object-based not pixel-based, selections won’t undo/redo the same way they do in Photoshop. And Illustrator has no “history”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Program Idea , Answer Author : Scott

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