Advice about fallback font stacks for Proxima Nova and Adobe Garamond Pro

Can anyone suggest a good stack of fallback fonts for Adobe Garamond Pro (serif) and Proxima Nova (sans-serif)?

The obvious choices are of course:

"Garamond Pro","Hoefler Text","Times New Roman",Times,serif


"Proxima Nova",Arial,sans-serif

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Constantia would be a better fallback than Times New Roman for Garamond, and Corbel would arguably be a better fallback than Arial for Proxima Nova. They may also have Gill Sans installed with some software, plus Open Sans is not bad.

I’d put something like:

"Adobe Garamond Pro",Constantia,"Times New Roman",Times,serif

"Proxima Nova","Open Sans","Gill Sans MT","Gill Sans",Corbel,Arial,sans-serif

BUT you MUST remember to test your websites with each of these fallback fonts, because fonts often differ greatly in metrics.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ali Samii , Answer Author : thomasrutter

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