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I need a little help, and general advice, on what I can put on the front page of my software company’s website. I realise that this question is not as specific as some may like it to be, but I hoped that someone here would be able to point me in the right direction any how. I have a theme/template to work around which I do not really want to change for various reasons. I have created a rough ‘drawing’ of what the homepage currently looks like.
Rough mock up of my website template/theme

As you can see, I have a table of reasons as to why people should purchase our software which I am quite happy with, however I think that it looks quite bare, so what else should I put there. I have expiremented with a slider, with some clipart to the left of some text, but for some reason it looked out of place. I think it was partly due to the clipart I was using.

However, since trying sliders I have read that a lot of people are stopping using them because they are not actually effective, and are switching to they static images instead. So does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should put on my front page? What would you expect?

I currently have two pieces of software for Windows and Mac and a support ticketing system. Though, I do plan on releasing more software for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and maybe WP. My ‘motto’ is along the lines of great minds think alike. If that helps your ideas in any way.

Thank you very much in advance


The brainstorming process you are going through right now is normal. It is hard to answer your question with so little information about your company, your customers, your target, your whole business. In fact when done correctly, the process is long and deep, and often (if not always) requires a professional expertise.

That said, I think what would help is actually looking at other companies websites, maybe your competitor (not to actually do exactly the same but it can clear part of the confusion your are having at this point of the process). Once this done, I’m sure your questions will be specific enough so people here can actually answer them.

Also, have a look at this little infographic and maybe try this book, which is a reference when it comes to web design and usability. I hope it’s going to help.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andy , Answer Author : TKrugg

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