Affinity Designer: Hiding the Blue Outline on Selected Objects?

In Affinity Designer, is there a way to hide the blue outline surrounding the vectors on selected objects – similarly to how Adobe Illustrator hides the blue lines going forward by pressing “CTRL + H”?

I often compare adjustments to a design by doing undos/redos and the blue vector outline changes what the design looks like.

Thanks for any help!

Affinity Designer selected object:

enter image description here

Illustrator Selected Object (what I’m looking for):

enter image description here


Choose the view (hand) tool.

I don’t know of any way to hide the selection, but I can prevent undo/redo from automatically selecting things by being careful about which tool I’ve got active.

If I’ve got the view tool active when I’m using CMD+Z and SHFT+CMD+Z, the object being modified by the action doesn’t automatically select, but the object auto-selects if I’ve got most any other tool selected.

This accomplishes your goal of seeing un-outlined art as you cycle through undo/redo modes, it’s just not exactly the same as how Adobe Illustrator does it.

And don’t forget that Designer also has snapshots and cycle futures, which are powerful tools for comparing multiple states of your project without relying on undo/redo cycling.

Source : Link , Question Author : aero , Answer Author : BESW

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