Ai 6 created DXF as splines, but I need arcs and lines

My design is a loose irregular circle with an internal design made up of round holes – numbering hundreds. I exported the Ai file (1MB) as outlines to .dxf, ending up with a 3MB file. The intention is to laser cut it from steel. However the fabricator says it has come out as a 140MB file consisting of polylines and splines but he needs lines and arcs. I can only open the dxf in Illustrator so I can’t see what’s happened. First time I’ve had this result.
Any suggestions from the experts out there?


Unless you are willing to write your own exporter. Its not going to happen. Illusrator has no arc or line primitives so all these things need to be recognized from the data by infering from the shape.

Converting your file to what you want shouldnt be that much of a pain though if you have a decent cad system. But if illustrator is all you got then not going to happen.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jennifer J , Answer Author : joojaa

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