AI incorrectly grouping paths

I am very new to Adobe Illustrator and am attempting to make a logo. For some reason it seems like the program is linking items together that I do NOT want linked. I cannot ungroup them, and when I try to move or adjust 1 thing, all the others are effected.

How do i prevent this from occurring? I have included a screenshot showing the linking behavior. I would like each of those shapes to be treated independently.

bad linking


Hello Jeremy what is going on is that you are painting whit “live painting” i know that because se little stars on the corners, it doest let the objects ungroup, you need to release the “live painting”, Selecting the group and going (object) -> (live paainting) -> (release) and now the objects are free each one.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeremy Thomas , Answer Author : thiago hrdz

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