AI positioning circles within an arc at equal distances and heights

I am trying to create a simple visual, but I can’t find a good way to align smaller blue circles within a larger arc. You can tell I’ve just kind of eye-balled it. Here is what I’m working with:
enter image description here
I tried using transform distort → transform and that was able to make copies of the circles very quickly, but in the end I couldn’t find the “magic” number to move the circles about the arc. So back to square one.


Is there a more precise approach to place the blue circles around the arc at the center of each segment that I can bring to bear with AI? What would that be? I hope there is an easier way than my approach above.


If the circumference quarter is divided into 8 parts, the whole circle has 32 partitions.

  • Place and select the first blue circle at the center of the first bottom left partition
  • Press R to activate the Rotation Tool
  • Hold Alt and click at the rotation center (the big circle center)
  • At the pop up rotate window, type = -360/32 → Copy
  • Press Cmd + D Mac or Ctrl + D Win to repeat the last transformation

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Arash Howaida , Answer Author : Community

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