AI vs EPS vs SVG

What’s the technical difference? I’m interested in switching from Illustrator to Inkscape and would prefer to work exclusively with SVG, but is this going to be a problem for my team if they stay on Illustrator? Are .ai’s more capable than SVGs or EPS?


  • PDF (AI) is the modern vector graphics standard for print workflow

  • EPS is the legacy vector graphics standard for print workflow

  • SVG is the vector graphics standard for WorldWideWeb publishing.

If you only use SVG you will lose print workflow features. If you are working on a team that uses print workflow, that will be problematic.

If your whole team wants to move to a WorldWideWeb workflow, then maybe you could do that, but you would have to have a really good reason in order to make it worth it. For example, if you are only doing Web publishing and you all find the Inkscape environment to be more productive.

Source : Link , Question Author : corysimmons , Answer Author : voices

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