AIGA – Worth it for web designers?

I haven’t been to an AIGA event in a few years, and I’ve only been to a handful between the VT AIGA and Philly AIGA. What I remember between the two were they seemed great for students, and maybe print designers who would be interested in local print companies providing samples and giving their pitch.

What I’d like to know is: Is AIGA worth it for professional web designers?

The events I’ve been to seemed to be composed of 85% current students, and maybe 15% faculty from some of the local schools, and I don’t think I ever met anyone at one of their events who was a web designer, unless they were a vendor trying to sell PSD to code services.

So for those of you with experience in the organization, or who are actively involved, does it have much to offer for web designers, specifically those who’ve been out in the field for some time, not current students or very recent grads.


You have to ask yourself a fundamental question:

What is your reason for joining any organization?

For me, it’s about building a business network. So then you have to ask who needs to be in that network? That depends on the service you want to provide.

Corporate Support model
Over the course of my career I’ve most often worked directly with the Creative Directors, Marketing Directors, or Founders of oganizations. Hanging out with a bunch of designers at an AIGA event (corporate CDs aren’t usually there) was a waste of time (I did try it). It’s the same whether you’re doing print or web.

Agency support model
If you’re looking to offer freelance service to agencies (web or print), the AIGA might be the right place for you. Go to a couple of event nights, shake lots of hands, see who shows up. If your target clients are there, you should be too.

As for learning from your peers, just go knock on some web agency doors and ask someone to coffee. If they’re the open and sharing type, you’ll know. Otherwise, stick with web communities where people come with the intention of sharing knowledge.

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