Align Bullets in a right aligned paragraph

I’m wondering how other professional typesetters would approach this problem. The Brand Standards for this company state that all copy must be in the “Black Box” (BB) and the copy must align to the inside of the black box. So, if the BB is on the right hand side of the page, the copy can run left aligned, but if the BB is on the left hand side of the page, the copy must be right aligned. Not awesome, but workable. However, they also want BULLETS in the copy. I tried running the bullets right aligned, but that doesn’t look good, so I’ve gone back to left aligned for the bullets only. Not sure if this will fly with the client or not so I’m wondering if anyone else has an idea of how to approach this. Please see the screen capture I’ve included. This is a snap of part of the right hand page of a spread. BB bleeds off left.

I’m not crazy about the left and right justification in the same BB.

left aligned bullets with right aligned copy above


As others have said, and OP has acknowledged, the aesthetics of the brand standards aren’t great. That said, if you have to follow them, one design solution may be something like this, where you can still right-justify the “bulleted” text, without using bullets. An element like a short vertical rule on the righthand side of each separate section, as a bullet would do. Again, working with tough guidelines, but that’s part of the challenge of design, no? 🙂

enter image description here

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