Aligning neighbouring paths and “connecting” anchors in Illustrator

I am working on isometric design that will be printed on the 1000mm x 2000mm Roll Up. Design includes lots of similar paths that should be perfectly aligned and create isometric 3d scene (image 1.)

enter image description here

I made diagonal guides (30° and – 30°) in order to create paths and aligned them together. It worked fine until I find out that some paths were not aligned as I wished and when zoom in the scene white gaps can been seen. Each path was created from original one (Alt key – Select the path) moved and aligned manually to the next neighbour.

enter image description here

However, now I am trying to find the best solution to adjust them and align perfectly without too much manual tweaking. Is there any way to automate the process and connect neighbouring anchors? I know there is a function in most 3D software named “connect vertices”, but is there something similar in Illustrator?

I am using Illustrator CS5 and CS6.

Thank you.


I won’t directly answer the question, I will, instead suggest an alternate workflow. The benefit of this workflow is that it is guaranteed that you will not get this problem.

  1. First build a isometric grid. Make vertical lines and rotate the field 2 times with 120 degree offset. Tip: If you make the lines uncolored then you can just directly color the image.

Isometric grid

  1. Then use the shape builder tool to make your shapes. TIP: When in shape builder tool you can assign colors to the fill and stroke, before dragging. That style will be put on the shape.

Screen capture

Image 2: Timelapse of building with shape builder.

Now you are guaranteed never to hit and miss. Working speed is also most likely much faster.

Source : Link , Question Author : Goran , Answer Author : joojaa

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