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Is there any way in Photoshop to remove a background color from an image, when some of the background is behind a transparent object.

So far, I’ve tried using masks and channels but have not made any progress. I want to make the background transparent, so that the bottle and ‘ink’ can be put onto a white background colour.

Many thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated.

enter image description here


There’s no automated way to set a color as transparent.

However, try Select > Color Range and choose “Yellows” from the drop down menu. Then create a layer mask based on that selection. You get some decent results.

It’s not perfect. But it’s then a matter of adjusting levels on the mask a bit and correcting for the color halos, just general refining.

Mask created after color range selection…. (no refinement)

color range

Source : Link , Question Author : jacktheripper , Answer Author : Scott

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