Am I breaking any Copyright/IP law by designing and selling posters based on an existing design and concept?

I have found a website that sells posters that includes graphic design, and am now thinking of creating from scratch my own posters to sell on my website, using the same idea/concept (please note that I am not copying any of the already existing work, I start from a blank page).

By using the same idea/concept for my own website (commercial use), am I infringing any copyright/IP law?

Thank you guys!


It depends.

On a lot of things.

But, in general, the more heavily you ‘borrow’ the more likely someone will see that as an intellectual property infringement and the more likely you’ll be opening yourself up to legal issues.

But that also doesn’t mean that any of that will happen, either. Concepts are borrowed all the time. Where that line is between ‘borrow’ and ‘steal’ is typically going to depend on a multitude of factors on a case-by-case basis and, ultimately, heavily dependent on the lawyers.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nico , Answer Author : DA01

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