An opensource equivalent to Photoshop that has Lasso and Warp tools?

Using Photoshop, I can edit the image by using the lasso tool and warp tool, but Photoshop is not open source, I need an open source software to edit the image by using the same tools.

I tried GIMP but there is no warp tool in that. Can you please suggest some open source software with lasso and warp tool?


If you do a Google search for Lasso Tool in Gimp you will receive a few links and the first link in the search is from GIMP’s documentation that shows the Free Selection Tool

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Per an insert from Gimp

The Free Selection tool, or Lasso, lets you create a selection by
drawing it free-hand with the pointer, while holding down the left
mouse button (or, for a stylus, pressing it against the tablet). When
you release the mouse button, the selection is closed by connecting
the current pointer location to the start location with a straight
line. You can go outside the edge of the image display and come back
in if you want to. The Lasso is often a good tool to use for “roughing
in” a selection; it is not so good for precise definition. Experienced
users find that it is often convenient to begin with the lasso tool,
but then switch to QuickMask mode for detail work.

If I search for warp tool in Gimp it provides a link to GIMP’s documentation on the Transform Tools

enter image description here

An insert per Gimp

Inside the Transformation tool dialog, you will find eight tools to
modify the presentation of the image or the presentation of an element
of the image, selection, layer or path. Each transform tool has an
Option dialog and an Information dialog to set parameters.

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