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I’ve been trying to find tutorial on to make android icons as for the 2.0+/3.0+ specifications. I’ve found some based on the old 1.x specs but these are quite outdated. Does anyone have anything out there for this?

I’m a developer that is trying to make some Android apps and would like to improve the visual appeal of my products. I’ve been making all the resources myself with good progress but I’d like to go further.


Hey Check this links might they help you for your icons…

  1. android App Developer Gui icons
    Fonts ETC
  2. Free android Icon pack
  3. Free Icons For Android Developers
  4. 350+ free and fresh icons for android

I don’t know you need this or not but i am posting it for every android user .

  1. The easiest way to create android icons (inkscape)
  2. All Tutorials for android if you stuck anywhere
  3. Designing android icon

Hope this help you a little…..

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