Animation of entire project in Illustrator

Is there a way to make an animation of an entire Illustrator project from start to finish?

I don’t want to screen capture movie (as if it were a tutorial), nor do I want “my current view” of the progress (e.g. no zooming in and out). Rather, the animation should be of the whole artboard as the art gets created, step-by-step.

(I’ve seen this done for Proceate here)


To get a static view of your project without any zooming, you can just create a new window for it and use screen capture software to record that window. With your project open, just use Window > New Window and make it whatever size or position needed (you can drag it to a different monitor outside of Illustrator too).

The caveat with this is that some of your actions won’t be as “live” as others. For instance, drawing a shape will be live, drawing a brush stroke will not.

Screen capture example

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