Annoying GIMP issue (fill bucket with a circle-slash icon on the cursor)

I am trying to bucket fill a layer, but I get this crazy cursor I cant get rid of. I think its because I have something selected. I tired Select All, Select None, but the cursor does not change.

I cant get a hold of that image, screen dump does not get that cursor. Its a small circle with a line across the diameter 45 degrees.

Edit : That cursor is called “circle-slash” icon. It comes when I select a part of the image and try to fill a different part of the image. I either need to select things correctly or I need to edit my selection for painting.

Edit Again : cursor with circle-slash


Here’s the answer you’re most likely looking for:

Scenario: say in GIMP you have a logo image, you increase the Canvas, center the logo inside the enlarged canvas, and you want to fill the extra canvas with an eye-dropper color. However, the paint bucket shows a black circle with line through it indicating no-can-do.

Do this: from menu, select “Layer”, then “New from visible”. Now you can paint bucket fill.

Source : Link , Question Author : Siddharth , Answer Author : JohnB

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