Any automated system to compute the linear length of a letter(s) in a word or phrase?

I may be way out of league asking this question but is there a way to get the linear length of a letter or words. That is, if you were to take the word “super” and measured the outside border of the letters you’d get a measurement. Is there something out there that would tell me this measurement if I give the font and the font size? I’m a rookie here so be gentle. thanks in advance.


This is trivial to do using TeX/LaTeX (though you’ll want to use a newer version such as xetex or luatex so as to be able to easily access OpenType and TrueType fonts):

\setmainfont{Myriad Pro Black Condensed}% <<-- change to desired font
\settowidth{\samplewidth}{Test} % <<-- change to the text which you wish to measure

which will output: 0.2060in

OpenType features are supported:

\settowidth{\samplewidth}{Test 0123456789}
\settowidth{\samplewidth}{Test 0123456789}

which outputs:



Source : Link , Question Author : mrbungle , Answer Author : WillAdams

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