Any ideas on how to fill a blank sidebar?

I would like to have some suggestions on how to fill my sidebar empty space on a feed aggregator. One solution may be advertising, but for now advertising is not acceptable in the page.

A second solution might be to increase the width of the right side. This makes the page hard to read.

A third solution may be to show something like “top posts” but it makes the whole page a mess. Articles on the left, articles on the right.

For now I have a small graphic at the top of it saying “we need your opinions” because it is a new website.

Thank you for any suggestions.

enter image description here


Does it have to be filled?

Seriously. Is it necessary to jam every pixel full of stuff? Can’t the design have some white space to breathe?

Besides, that sidebar is going to be lost to banner blindness anyway. I say leave it alone.

Source : Link , Question Author : EnexoOnoma , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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