Any tips or resources for designing e-mail newsletters?

After spending hours in Photoshop I haven’t found a great template I like. I love the design style of many newsletters I subscribe to.. including Smashing Magazine and Hongkiat.. but I wonder what some of the best standards for designing newsletters are?

If anybody has resources or ideas I’d love to hear them. Newsletters are still a huge part of Internet marketing today. They almost cannot be overlooked. And when you create a custom template matching your design it’s the best way to tie in your readers right to your website.

For a resource I’ve been digging through campaign monitor’s template list which includes tons and tons of free examples.


According to me whenever you draft an email newsletter, it should be clear and simple to understand for your subscriber…You can include the followings in your newsletter mostly

Here is a list adapted from

  • A short paragraph from you to your audience or an introduction.

  • Customer Testimonial – A simple quote from a happy customer about how
    your product or service helped them or fixed a problem, a measurable
    result achieved; or, link to a video testimonial that you host on

  • An Offer – Do you have discount, or promotion
    currently running to announce?

  • Quick Fact – What’s the most popular selling product last month? What
    do your customers view as the greatest challenge for them next year?
    Gather important insights and facts with a simple online survey tool
    and share results in each issue.

Tips For Creating Newsletter

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For Inspiration

Hope this will help you a bit…..

Source : Link , Question Author : Jake , Answer Author : Farray

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